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Life in the Deserted Places that Yahshua could no longer openly enter the city, but was outside in the deserted places, and they came to Him from every direction.

Mark 1:45

The overwhelming message of our need to be like our Great Teacher is clear. It is in the little things that we see the glory of YAH. Verse 45 speaks volumes of the way that YAH made a way in the wilderness for His people; we must consider our hearts and our actions as the hands and feet of Yahshua.

Consider Our Hearts

If we have accepted the saving power of YAH through Yahshua, then much healing has taken place in the "city of our hearts". But Yahshua has now moved to the deserted places of our hearts and there is still work to be done. From the beginning, YAH has hovered over us in love but that does not mean that we are a finished product. Keep allowing Him to love you through it. He is willing and desires for us to be cleansed

Be the Hands and Feet

We must step outside the walls of our assembly to be effective for the Kingdom of YAH. If Yahshua was outside in the deserted places, we need to be too. Because He chose to go where others wouldn't, life was in the deserted places. Truth was there too; He made a way in the wilderness. We need to proclaim His Way in the hearts and mind our neighbors and speak His Truth, His Life, in the deserted places.

Be fruit-bearers for the Kingdom of YAH.


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