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The Race...

The mile I ran this morning was anything but easy. I had to push myself harder than ever before and it was “just one mile”.  I was five-hundredths from completion and I found myself wanting to quit. I had to dig deep with to finish strong by yelling “0.05! 0.04! 0.03! 0.02! 0.01!”

Be confident that this life’s race is coming an end. The divine realm is yelling “final lap”. We must be faithful not to step off the track. It’s more than a sprint or a marathon—our soul is on the line. If we are refusing to run this race with love, then we will be disqualified at the end. If we are committed to only running for ourselves, we will be disqualified at the end of the race. If you’re walking, walk worthy. If you’re running, make time to walk with those that can’t. We’re in the final lap saints. Make your calling and election sure and stay on the track because God is trying to take us somewhere—He’s drawing us to Himself. 

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